1st Phase

One full day of presenting to be watched two weeks prior to medtech symposium- all theory components covered before the 9th & 10th of July.

2nd Phase


  • What the industry doesn’t tell you about HIFU 
  • Hifu facial 
  • Hifu packages face and body 
  • Where does hifu work on the skin ?  

Dr. Gregoris 

  • Looking closer at fitz 4/5/6 
  • How this skin type interacts with equipment driven treatments. Which to avoid and why. 
  • Knowing your Fitzpatrick scale 
  • The use of bleaching actives on the skin. 

Ahlam Bashir 

Chrissy Alger – Zing

  • Mind set coach and psychologist Chrissy will be presenting Volume Marketing Strategy using High-end devices

Dr. Peter Kim 

  • Laser physics and working on fitz 3

Gay Wardle 

  • Skin: Know what to look for when consulting and diagnosing the skin
  • Skin ageing the levels 

Dr. Mike Shenoda 

  • When to list other treatments like injectables and threading as contra indications – and for how long
  • How to take your client on a regenerative journey 

Dr. Gregoris – Know your lasers 

  • The difference between nd yag, pico laser, cpl, Alex pro diode, erbium yag.
  • All theory covered thoroughly includes interaction of human tissue and management of laser protocols

Mariza Nuttall

  • Theory presented on the New Brown Peel from Germany

3rd Phase

Social Sunday Night – FIRE & ICE

4th Phase

Practical Morning with Dr. Gregoris

  • Last Day of Event
  • Certification